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Hello Lovely,

In 2016, BGB will transform into a chapter-based movement that provides a safe space for women of color to learn and enjoy burlesque while discussing and dissecting topical and longstanding issues like:

  • How to forge our own narratives in the media, respond to stereotypes, and embody body positivity for brown women of different shapes, sizes, and stories across the world
  • How to talk to teenage women about sex, endearing relationships with themselves, and positive relationships with their partners
  • How to create local community partnerships that honor our work and stories as erotic, confident women, contribute to our livelihood, and support other sisters

We are looking for extraordinary women worldwide interested in being leaders in the BGB movement from a variety of disciplines; arts, business, academia, healing arts and community organizations to catch the vision with us and lead this unfoldment and transition from a New York based entity to an international chapter-based sisterhood.

It is our time, for women of color to commune, support one another and tackle issues of image and representation, women’s sexual sovereignty, supporting young women and teens in developing healthy sexuality, all while creating burlesque shows for recreation and/or professionally across the world amongst each chapter.

More than ever women of color especially need this space between and beyond book clubs, sororities, church and social clubs. A place of intellectual and sensual freedom.

To learn more about Brown Girls Burlesque’s evolving movement please fill out the brief survey below and we’ll be in touch with details and developments in early 2016

Thank you and prepare to unleash love!

The BGB Lovelies