The Broad Squad Institute

The Broad Squad Institute Returns Winter 2018!


Rock the Glitter Stage!

Designed for women of color, The Broad Squad Institute takes you step by step through creating your first Burlesque number in a powerful community of inspiring, supportive women. You do not need a performance background to have an amazing time letting your inner diva run wild exploring the joys of your unique womanly ways. The Broad Squad Institute is a premiere foundation burlesque workshop culminating with a graduation show that’s your turn to rock the glitter stage!

(history of burlesque, striptease, voguing, floor work, makeup, the art of flirting, etc..)

Meet the Broads of Summer 2017!!

We Want YOU!

Chicava HoneyChild, The Quantum Ecdysiast is the creator of The Broad Squad Institute she leads you through the journey with a dream team that includes…

Genie Adagio, Classic Burlesque’s Quiet Storm, shares both her sultry wisdom and ballerina’s grace. Catch her around town at Joe’s Pub, Bell House, House of Yes, and Duane Park

CeCe Brown Sugah is a tour de force of versatility, timing and sexy poise. Catch her Mondays at The Cotton Club.

Vogue workshop with Cesar Valentino, Original House of Ninja Member.

Burgundy Jones Summer 2017 BSI Graduate brings her community building joy to the group along with some social media savvy.

Get the Goods

Learn how to create Classic burlesque, Neo-burlesque/Cosplay, or Political burlesque number.

Learn Ms. Toni Elling’s 3Ps of Burlesque – Pose, Parade & Peel.

Storytelling secrets to sweep any audience off their feet.

Costuming tricks of the trade that you need to create unforgettable costumes.

Learn about Women of Color in burlesque heritage.

Take to the Stage

Tell your story.

Personalized plan to create your number.

Graduation features you in a dazzling group number.

Be part of a dazzling group performance for the graduation show.

The Broad Squad Institute is your opportunity to rediscover that nothing is hotter than letting your deepest inner diva run wild…except for the power of a community of hot, collaborative, supportive women.

Enroll in The Broad Squad Today!

Fall 2017 BSI October 21st – November 18th

Saturday Classes 4 hour salons from 11am – 3pm

The Broad Squad Institute Workbook will keep you on track and inspired.

The BSI is great for ladies of all levels of experience.

Build sisterhood, confidence and creative expression (priceless :))


$400 Paid in Full $420 Payment Plan
$100 Deposit
2 Payments of $160

School Supplies



Costume, we’ll help you all the way through

Art & Crafts supplies


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