Sacred Burlesque

Chicava Honeychild Goddess on Earth: Portraits of the Divine Feminine


You are Lovely
Beautiful and essentially perfect.


Access your Joy, Pleasure, Peace and have FUN!
Gathered in dance and play with other women
Bathe in our Goddess energy.


Sacred Burlesque incorporates classic burlesque, modern striptease, pinches of Kundalini Yoga, dance, sacred sexuality, and energetic healing exercises.

See what Sacred BQ is all about!

Unleash of your sexual and personal magnetism, inspiration and creativity from within you. The dance and movement is suitable for all levels!
The workshop includes:
Chakra based warm-up
Pelvic/Taoist sexual intunement
Glove, boa & feather play
A juicy burlesque dance combinations


Saturdays 12:30-1:45pm
August 20th, 27th
September 3rd, 10th
145 Java St #2R, New York, NY 11222
$20 per session
$75 for all 4


Easy to move in sexy feeling skirt, slip or dress. Or leggings, booty shorts,bra, tank and heels if you’d like.
Yoga mats provided but feel free to bring your own.
Don’t forget water.